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If you’re looking for a marriage counselor, sex therapist, or couples counselor in the Rochester area, you’ve come to the right place.

Many problems associated with couples or in their marriage stem from the couples sexual relations. Also, it is not uncommon for emotional problems within the relationship to create sexual dysfunction for the couple. My combined expertise and extensive experience in marriage and family therapy combined with sex therapy is rare in the industry of therapeutic services and allows me to provide my clients with unique solutions to relationship and sexual problems.

Do you feel stuck in your relationship? Are you having the same arguments over and over? As a couples counselor trained in Gottman methods, with a specialization in sex therapy, I have the ability to address relationship problems without bias and provide innovative solutions to both marital and sexual problems.

As a specialist in couples therapy, I can assist with improving communication, lessening conflict, with a focus on an outcome that is best for your couples style and your family. Working on improving communication, intimacy and connection can help breathe life into your relationship.